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Little Si – Mist & Rain Hike

June 23, 2016
Dog Walking in the Cascade Mountains

Little Si is almost too easy to get to from Seattle, which┬áis why I’ve previously avoided it. Friends who’ve hiked the tiny mountain tell me it’s always packed with people streaming up and down in a constant flow. I’m surrounded by people every day in the city, and experiencing the same thing in the wilderness has never sounded super appealing to me.

However, the other day a perfect trio of circumstances arrived, rain, canceled plans, and laziness, which finally encouraged us to check out the nearby hike. I’m not going to give a play-by-play, because who honestly cares, but the hike was fun, the rain was nice, and trail was empty. I also spent some quality time with my friend’s dog. So wins all around really.

Below are a few of the photos from the hike.

Backseat of the car Dog Buddy

Rain Hike in the wilderness

Little Si Washington Rain Hike

Little Si fog mountain girls

Hiking in the mist of Little Si Seattle

Misty mountain, little si

Dog Walking in the Cascade Mountains

Little Si Serial Killer

Little si north bend cascade mountains






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