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Seattle Weekends – Pride, Food, and Beaches

June 30, 2016
Blue and Yellow Seattle Sunset Over I-5

Pride Weekend has always and will always mean something different for me than it does for most people who participate every year. As a straight white guy I have zero claim to any part of the yearly festivities and I’m one hundred percent alright with that. The mark Pride left on me isn’t a celebration of who I am, but what a city can be.  I first visited Seattle (sans family) the summer after graduating college on Pride weekend. I was visiting from Idaho, and my two friends generously let me stay on their floor (not for the last time). After decades of living in a state that was, at best, assholes to gay and non-white/religious/gun loving groups of people, pride weekend in Seattle was a revelation of what a city could be.

I was happy for the gay community, but I was selfishly more happy a city existed that shared my values as a human being. I went home after my trip and in less than two months I was back on my friends floor officially living in the Seattle. Last weekend marks my five year anniversary of knowing I wanted to live in the city. I’m forever in debt to Pride and the people who make the community and city a place I’m proud to call home.

This year I celebrated the weekend like I always do, by walking around the festivities enjoying people enjoying life. Also drinking entirely too much with friends. It was a hot nice weekend, so we didn’t just hang around at Pride. We also walked around the city and cooled off at the beach as well. Solid summer weekend all around!

Seattle Weekend Pictures
(June 25/26 16)

Ben Lindbloom Cal Anderson Park Seattle Pride

June 16 (6)-36

June 16 (6)-52

June 16 (6)-44

June 16 (6)-45

Seattle Police Officer Eating Ice Cream

Alex Anderson Photo

Number one at Rachels Ginger Beer

Nearly Last at Tacos Chukis Seattle

Seattle Pride Festival Dancing

Drinking wine in the sun like an adult

Sun bathing on beach floats Denny Blain Seattle

Lost in the trees Denny Blain Seattle

Seattle Sunset Nature Balance

Lake Union Seattle Sunset


Capitol Hill

Denny Blaine

Rachels Ginger Beer

Taco Chukis 


Cal Anderson


Ben Lindbloom


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