Black & White Film

July 5, 2016
Tunnel Adventures in Washington State

I’ve never shot with black and white film. Even now, I still technically haven’t. The photos attached were supposed to be color, but I left the roll in my backpack in the sun for way too long and, as a result, the end product was a purple mess. I don’t ever add post touches to film, because I figure you get what you get, but I did make an exception with this role, switching them to black & white. It was the only way I could tell what was going on. I kind of like the results though and might … Continue Reading

Photography, Seattle

Seattle Weekends – Pride, Food, and Beaches

June 30, 2016
Blue and Yellow Seattle Sunset Over I-5

Pride Weekend has always and will always mean something different for me than it does for most people who participate every year. As a straight white guy I have zero claim to any part of the yearly festivities and I’m one hundred percent alright with that. The mark Pride left on me isn’t a celebration of who I am, but what a city can be.  I first visited Seattle (sans family) the summer after graduating college on Pride weekend. I was visiting from Idaho, and my two friends generously let me stay on their floor (not for the last time). … Continue Reading

Photography, Seattle

Becca Fuhrman Wheatpaste Mural

June 27, 2016

Last Weekend I was present as my girlfriend helped our friend Becca put up a wheatpaste mural at The Woods on the top floor of Grimms in Capitol Hill. Although technically there to help, I spent most of my time baton twirling rollers, stepping in / tracking glue around the bar, and taking pictures of them work.

I’ve attached a few of those pictures below, but with angles being what they are and the huge size of the mural (two full walls), I wasn’t able to capture it all in a single picture. I recommend going to give it a … Continue Reading

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The Books I’ve Finished: January – June 2016

June 24, 2016
Books Read From January - June 2016

The last four years I’ve made a personal goal to finish an average of a book a week (52 books a year). I’ve accomplished that goal, if only just barely, every year, nearly doubling that number in 2015. I decided to not set a goal for 2016 and just finish books at whatever pace I finish them. I have several Neal Stephenson and Doris Kearns Goodwin books on my shelf that I want to read, so not putting a time constraint on myself seemed like a good idea.

Well, five months into the year with no target and I’ve already … Continue Reading

Adventures, Photography

Little Si – Mist & Rain Hike

June 23, 2016
Dog Walking in the Cascade Mountains

Little Si is almost too easy to get to from Seattle, which is why I’ve previously avoided it. Friends who’ve hiked the tiny mountain tell me it’s always packed with people streaming up and down in a constant flow. I’m surrounded by people every day in the city, and experiencing the same thing in the wilderness has never sounded super appealing to me.

However, the other day a perfect trio of circumstances arrived, rain, canceled plans, and laziness, which finally encouraged us to check out the nearby hike. I’m not going to give a play-by-play, because who honestly cares, but … Continue Reading


DHM – Favorite Music – June 2015 (Spotify Playlist)

July 10, 2015
Colleen Captain of None June 2015 Favorites

(Original Dead Horse March Article)

Take a listen to some of our favorite music (new and old) for June 2015. Lot’s of hot summer tunes this month including tracks from Beirut, Jamie XX, Sharon Van Etten and a new favorite album of mine by Colleen. All of these and more can be found in the Spotify playlist below. Also feel free to check back every month in the future or subscribe to our Spotify account for more musical round-ups. I’ll try and get them out at the beginning of each month as opposed to 1/3rd of the … Continue Reading