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Neah Bay – Contiguous Corners, the 4th of July, and Surfing

July 7, 2016
Neah Bay 4th of July Weekend camping and surfing

Summer technically starts June 21st (June 20th for leap years), but there is apparently an unwritten rule in Seattle that the actual warm sunny weather of Summer start on or after July 4th. I consulted my confirmation bias and it tells me that the rule is accurate. The thing about rules though, is that I, along with cool uncles and CEO’s trying to save money by taking a second look at human-rights abuse laws, think they were only made in the first place to be broken. We decided to try and break the “Sunny 4th” rule this year and make the nice weather come early by going out to the most northwest corner of the contiguous united states and facing down the Pacific Ocean.

The old cloud and moisture maker wasn’t initially happy with our defiance and punished us by blowing wind and rain the first day we were there. A few brave souls decided to show our worth by coasting along the turbulent waters on their stomachs and feet. I did my part by consuming as much liquid as I could. The ocean must have respected our efforts because the next day the weather was wonderful. Everyone enjoyed themselves as we believed we brought Summer a day early.

We all acted like Greek heroes that next day as we let our hubris take over. There was way more water gliding, liquid was poisoned with yeast/agave/grain and consumed in great amounts, and worst of all the oceans greatest enemy, fire, was launched in exploding bursts above. It is now the 7th and the weather still hasn’t gone back to the glorious heights of the 3rd. We are all being punished and Summer withheld until the greatness of the ever-expanding salt factory is acknowledged.

I live on the top floor of an apartment with no air conditioning, so I’m actually 100% alright with cooler temperatures.

Neah Bay / Cape Flattery / Surfing / Beach Photos

Neah Bay car grump

Camping grump

Dog balancing at hobuck beach resort

Dog Balancing

Dog Friends at Hobuck Beach Neah Bay

Beach friends

blind contour drawing at neah bay

Blind Countours on the beach

Surfing at hobuck neah bay washington

Camp surfing

The trail to Cape Flattery Washington

The trail out to Cape Flattery

Curved Tree Sky Cape Flattery Neah Bay Washington

Curved Tree

Lookout at Cape Flattery

Lewis and Clark 1

Lookout point Cape Flattery Washington State

Lewis and Clark 2

Lighthouse view lovers cape flattery neah bay

Happy campers

Waking up in the tent Neah Bay Hobuck beach

Lazy sleepy head

Beach views neah bay washington state peninsula

Beach all to ourselves.

Dog meets Sand Dollar Beach waters of Neah Bay

Dog vs Sand Dollar

Guitar and surfing at hobuck washington state peninsula

Way better at camping than I am

Camping food hobuck beach resort neah bay

Camp Chef

Photogenic friends being phtogenic neah bay

Photogenic friends being Photogenic

Surfing sunset picture hobuck beach neah bay washington state

Sunset Surfing



Neah Bay

Cape Flattery

Hobuck Beach



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