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Learned, Liked, And Created – May 2018

June 2, 2018
May 2018 Roundup Alex M. Anderson

I’m putting this article together as a way to try and make myself more aware and invested in the information and media I consume. Also, what is the point of having a website if you never post on it?

The thought is that I will separate these monthly posts into three sections:

  • Learned – Selection of information I pick up through books, articles, podcasts, and conversations during the month which I find interesting or didn’t know before.
  • Liked – Selection of media, quotes, art and whatever else I happen to consume and enjoy during the month which I would recommend to other people.
  • Created – A selection of the articles I post during the month, either through this website, Book Scrolling, Cinema Dailies, or less likely, a publication not solely owned and run by myself.

I only decided to start tracking info & ideas the last 10 or so days of May, so this might be a little light on info. I hope to have more next month as I try to be even more aware of what I’m reading, and present for the conversations I have.


    • Brad Bird wanted the Iron Giant movie to be about a gun that didn’t want to be a gun because his sister was killed by a senseless act of gun violence earlier in his life. –Blank Check Podcast
    • There is only 1 official place to buy guns in Mexico (although over 500 come in every day from the US) – Five Thirty Eight
      Home- A Short History of an Idea
    • Only 4% of hurricanes that make landfall every year do so in the US but over 60% of the total yearly damage comes from that 4% because the US keeps building in those areas. –The NY Times
    • The Greeks invented the Klismos style chair  (more laid back relaxing style) back in the BC era. The chair (the concept, not just the specific one) disappeared for several hundred years before reappearing in Europe with its much more rigid fashion. Also, several cultures evolved without the invention of the chair, finding the ground or crouching to work just fine. –Home: A Short History Of An Idea
    • I’m a dummy and never realizes that corking and uncorking wine too many times made it go bad quicker. Makes sense when I think about it for two seconds, but I always assumed it didn’t matter as long as you always kept it corked when not in use. –The Takeout
    • In the 16th century there weren’t really specific rooms for anything. People ate in different areas depending on how many people were there. Bathrooms didn’t really exist and instead, there were boxes that were brought to whatever room a king or whoever was in. –Home
    • Our personal walking styles are all unique and could replace fingerprints as an identifier if technology advanced enough. –538 / Gizmodo
Queen Anne Style House Architecture Adolf Loos Building Architecture
  • I learned what Queen Anne style architecture homes are, or at least how to recognize a style I was aware of but not how to specifically characterize. Also learned about Shingle Style Homes and the boxy architecture of Adolf Loos. – Home
  • Not so much specific facts as general ideas and words from the book Lagom. I liked the ideas/list for de-cluttering (Remove all clothes from closet, take away 5 hangers, add back clothes in order of preference and whatever is left is donated. One touch rule for mail and other new items. Etc.). The “enter middag promenad” which is just an after dinner walk, but I like how it sounds more in translation which makes me want to do it more. Also, definitely need two separate blanket/duvet covers instead of one when sleeping so each person can sleep to their own level of heat and comfort. –Lagom: Not Too Little, Not Too Much
  • Seawater can act as a natural decongestant for allergies, cleansing pollen from nasal passages without damaging the skin. –Lagom
  • Study shows that you eat up to 25% more when eating in front of the TV. –The Little Book of Lykke





I’ve been trying to catch up on good movies I missed from previous years (or in Citizen Kane’s case, decades) as well as keep up on top of the new movies coming out in 2018. The films listed below (in no particular order) were my favorites that I watched in May.

Revenge by Coralie Fargeat Phoenix by Christian Petzold Paddington 2 by Paul King First Reformed by Paul Schrader
Revenge by Coralie Fargeat Phoenix by Christian Petzold Paddington 2 by Paul King First Reformed by Paul Schrader
Sweet Country by Warwick Thornton Why Don’t You Play In Hell? by Sion Sono Jane by Brett Morgen Citizen Kane by Orson Welles
Sweet Country by Warwick Thornton Why Don't You Play In Hell? by Sion Sono Jane by Brett Morgen Citizen Kane by Orson Welles
Time Crimes by Nacho Vigalondo
Time Crimes by Nacho Vigalondo


Podcasts I Started Listening To This Month

I usually don’t add new podcasts to my normal rotation that often, but I added two new ones this Month.

Unspooled KEEP IT
Unspooled Podcast By Earwolf Keep It Podcast By Crooked Media



-“There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing (Swedish proverb)” – Lagom

-“It’s the vibe that attracts the tribe.” –Night Call Podcast



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