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Eastern Washington – Shelterbelts, Rocks, and Waterfalls

July 18, 2016
Broken Down Grain Silo/Barn

If I didn’t have such an affinity for the ocean, trees, cooler temperatures, mountains, a bare minimum of diversity, and job opportunities, Eastern Washington would be a great place to live. I’m joking (sort of). I lived 8 miles from the Eastern Washington border in Idaho for four years during college which helped me form a pretty uncompromising opinion of the area. When I moved away, I couldn’t think of a single reason why I would ever need to come back, which didn’t sadden me in the least.

Five years went by and my uncompromising opinion remained uncompromised. Recently, for the first time since I left, I drove back through Eastern Washington with my girlfriend to visit her family. Turns out that a five-year break, a cursory interest in geology, and having a great person to adventure around with was all I needed to find enjoyment in the region. I still have a pretty unbreakable plan to never live anywhere near the area, but I can now say that I don’t dislike everything it has to offer. Small steps.

Thorp / Shelterbelts / Windmills / Petrified Wood

Thorp Fruit Parking lot Pose


Petrified Wood on Film

Velociraptor on the loose in Eastern Washington

Green Hills and Wind Mills

Train Passing Lewiston Idaho

Train Track in Rocks

palouse waterfall views

palouse falls washington

palouse falls washington geology

Shelterbelt Forest


Eastern Washington

Paulose Falls


Ginkgo Petrified Forest


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