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August 4, 2016
Book Scrolling Website

I’m a sucker for “Best Of” lists. It can be anything, movies, tv, podcasts, restaurants, people, and honestly anything & everything you could possibly rank. As I’ve detailed other places, books have taken over my life in recent years (I think it will be a life-long addiction), so I’ve gravitated more and more towards book lists.

Late in 2015 I discovered the best e-books renting website Overdrive and started searching online for books I wanted to borrow from my local library. I like reading (or listening) to the best, so I started making “best of” book lists about subjects I was interested in learning about. I enjoy sharing my interests with other people (case and point – this website), so I decided to make a site where I could post these best of the best of lists I was creating. This lead to the creation of the website Book Scrolling.

During a few month period between December 2015 and February 2016 I created a couple dozen articles. Unfortunately, I grew tired of putting that much effort into a website without much of a return. I received a few views here and there, my biggest traffic gain coming from one of the year-end lists getting picked up by a few different authors (best graphic novels of 2015 in case anyone is curious). Eventually, the trifecta of nice weather, a new camera, and a promotion at work hit and my time and interests were pulled away. In the end, I didn’t check the website for a good 4 or 5 months.

I randomly looked at my analytics in July (after starting to write on this site again) and found out that a few of my articles had blown up in the previous months (the biggest were Best Audiobooks, Best Coffee Table Books, and randomly, The Best Ancient History books). Even though I hadn’t written any blog posts in several months the website was getting way more traffic than any other site I’ve ever created and I was actually making a minuscule amount of money from an affiliate program I had set up when starting the website. I’ve since jumped right back into the website and actually have a few big features coming up in the coming months.

I’m realizing that I don’t think this post has any other point other than for me to explain why I haven’t written on here in a few weeks. When I become involved with an interest I tend to go 110% and leave other interests waiting behind. Chances are I will tire of the book website again, but since it has actually been building up month after month, who knows.

Anyway, click on the “Book Scrolling” tab at the top of the site (or just right here) if you want to take a look at the site at all.

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