Black & White Film

July 5, 2016
Tunnel Adventures in Washington State

I’ve never shot with black and white film. Even now, I still technically haven’t. The photos attached were supposed to be color, but I left the roll in my backpack in the sun for way too long and, as a result, the end product was a purple mess. I don’t ever add post touches to film, because I figure you get what you get, but I did make an exception with this role, switching them to black & white. It was the only way I could tell what was going on. I kind of like the results though and might buy some B&W film in the future. Especially if I want my life to look way more moody and deep than it actually is.

Below are a few of the shots as well as one of the purple/pink bunch that ended turning up alright in a weird sort of way.

Seattle Overpass in Black and White SODO

Fire Station lookout tower Seattle Washington

Smoky Lake View peninsula Washington

snoqualmie falls washington waterfall

The end of a three mile tunnel in snoqualmie

Dog love on the lake

Stair hanging on the highway

Purple Film Sunset over the montlake cut

Location: SODO Seattle


Washington Peninsula

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