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Becca Fuhrman Wheatpaste Mural

June 27, 2016

Last Weekend I was present as my girlfriend helped our friend Becca put up a wheatpaste mural at The Woods on the top floor of Grimms in Capitol Hill. Although technically there to help, I spent most of my time baton twirling rollers, stepping in / tracking glue around the bar, and taking pictures of them work.

I’ve attached a few of those pictures below, but with angles being what they are and the huge size of the mural (two full walls), I wasn’t able to capture it all in a single picture. I recommend going to give it a look yourself before checking out more of Becca Fuhrman’s work.

You can find artwork and contact information on her website:

Becca Fuhrman Website

Or follow her on Instagram: @fuhrmz

Becca Fuhrman Instagram copy

The Mural Shots

Becca Fuhrman Wheatpaste Mural Prep

The Woods Grimms Capitol Hill Wall Mural

Becca Fuhrman The Woods Wheatpaste Mural

Rebecca Fuhrman Wheatpaste Mural The Woods Capitol Hill

Wheatpaste Mural Seattle Washington

Becca Fuhrman Wheatpaste Capitol Hill Grimms Mural

Becca Fuhrman Fox and Snake Mural The Woods

Mason Jar Moscow Mule Drinking Fox

Becca Fuhrman Rabbit and Snake The Woods Mural

Location: The Woods bar in Seattle WA 

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