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May 11, 2018
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Book Scrolling

August 4, 2016
Book Scrolling Website

I’m a sucker for “Best Of” lists. It can be anything, movies, tv, podcasts, restaurants, people, and honestly anything & everything you could possibly rank. As I’ve detailed other places, books have taken over my life in recent years (I think it will be a life-long addiction), so I’ve gravitated more and more towards book lists.

Late in 2015 I discovered the audiobook / ebook renting website Overdrive and started searching online for books I wanted to borrow from my local library. I like reading (or listening) to the best, so I started making “best of” book lists about subjects … Continue Reading

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Eastern Washington – Shelterbelts, Rocks, and Waterfalls

July 18, 2016
Broken Down Grain Silo/Barn

If I didn’t have such an affinity for the ocean, trees, cooler temperatures, mountains, a bare minimum of diversity, and job opportunities, Eastern Washington would be a great place to live. I’m joking (sort of). I lived 8 miles from the Eastern Washington border in Idaho for four years during college which helped me form a pretty uncompromising opinion of the area. When I moved away, I couldn’t think of a single reason why I would ever need to come back, which didn’t sadden me in the least.

Five years went by and my uncompromising opinion remained uncompromised. Recently, for … Continue Reading

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Ireland Photo Book – A Making & Preview Of

July 14, 2016

I made a photo book! Not the greatest accomplishment in the world considering there are probably millions of people who have made one at some point in their life. There are also hundreds of websites and countless physical stores that offer the service. I’ve personally never made a book though, so it’s more of a relative accomplishment.

I finally decided to give the photobook a try after two years of willfully ignoring a huge file of pictures I took while on a family trip to Ireland. In addition to taking up space on my hard drive, the pictures were also … Continue Reading

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Hurricane Hill – Snowy Trails & An Olympic Marmot

July 11, 2016
An Olympic Marmot Surveying it's Domain

Hurricane Hill, not to be confused with the much cooler sounding Hurricane Ridge, wasn’t our planned hike when we set out in the morning. The girlfriend and I ferried over to Bainbridge to meet our friend for a day adventure. We didn’t decide on anything in particular to do, instead leaving our destination up to the adventure gods. The gods that day communicated their declaration to us via the spotty service I was receiving on my phone (what up T-Mobile!), after I typed in “North Peninsula Hikes”.

Never ones to defy the gods, we decided to drive up to Hurricane … Continue Reading

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Neah Bay – Contiguous Corners, the 4th of July, and Surfing

July 7, 2016
Neah Bay 4th of July Weekend camping and surfing

Summer technically starts June 21st (June 20th for leap years), but there is apparently an unwritten rule in Seattle that the actual warm sunny weather of Summer start on or after July 4th. I consulted my confirmation bias and it tells me that the rule is accurate. The thing about rules though, is that I, along with cool uncles and CEO’s trying to save money by taking a second look at human-rights abuse laws, think they were only made in the first place to be broken. We decided to try and break the “Sunny 4th” rule this year and make … Continue Reading